Up Town Sin Clear…

Fuck, fuck, fuck, nightly, Adonis, Olympian. You will go! Soweth these voluminous tanks’ seed amongst the enemies of Lester and Anderson and their unionist paradigm of goodness amidst never the need to admit to the island’s perpetration of the extirpative force of leavening with Springfield Trapdoors upon the indigenous of the northern US interior; the Bill Cody exoduses of Gatling type, equipped by Hartford Springfield’s might.

Cry, Scream: “Them!”, “Them!”. So, so, so very contemporaneous to the oaken desk’s creature scripted mantras; prescribing the isolated and refined; rhythmic modalities of a civic propriety of now’s politik, drumming it’s “broadcast” to the believers and the entrapped. Devoid of everything but thine own deluded adherence; midst that of those the meek yet sapient few, beneath thine perch apres the antiquated emerald law firm lamp, whom whilst yet ultimately tossed in ticker tape returns, are at onset these; tired, huddled, yearning and here being thence the utile Manhattanite “3rd floor down” petty jumper type; to circular canvasses capable, absconded of as stretched and oiled; when for thine heights did failing ladders reach.

So, here sustaining thee, whilst purportedly amicable, in the fiscal fecundity whence thou doth soar with these thine fledglings, mighty, amidst them and fourth into your concocted monetary theocracy borderland of nutmeg whittling Blackstone descendants. There; obscured and avoidant neath thy synchronized frequencies speaking: “omniscience”, “omniscience”, as you prophesy the BPD and bellied porcine derivative creature prescriber’s statistical anomaly ideation’s enticement of nuanced billions in subtle ritualistic misfeasance for the gawking observers of she, the enigmatic tachycardia in neon… so hot, amidst the broadband clear channel intervals ‘tween that scheduled program paradigm now presiding; unspeaking past or probable, yet the creature blathering… Omnipotence! Man! Suit! Tie! Lengfh! iPhone! Internet!

Sensation, then, in chamber thine, as devices, wireless and in the ambient anemophily of electrons swirling in ethereal web do press melding in a morphogenetic flux the binary actuated polymer engineered cranial synaptic symbiosis; into your more sapient tissues. Something about knowing everything, yeah, by resonant inductions, thrilling and tingling. Goggles and phonics now are helmets, rebreathing lung capacities, eyes and ears, then yours and the eyases minds, unified, into sublimated saturation depths of this reverberating flux of thought, infinite, at proper atmospheric mixtures of gaseous substances sworn your viability and modus operandi for joining, eternal, the human hive of Soul RAM. You soar with the fledging eaglets. Then, in quantum bytes recoverable at the beckoning whim of your instant; immersed thus heretofore and thenceforth is this your device symbiosis brain; actuated for you to one day surface, competent in verse, oratory, truly. Similarly, thence, to altitudes you’ll rise with that gothic clutch of eyases; irregardless of your vantage of the earth or your earthly commodification of any substance not piped outward through the baffled spiderwebs of steel and unto it’s diluted solute state as depositions to the Jersey shore now littered in jetsam Bitcoin abstractions neither finite nor exhaustible such as is the desirable last commodity now labeled organic, biocarboniferous, fossilized, liquid phase and waning!

Infinite economic Ursus of a stellar rite; and never thine blackish pelt, unsecured, for Buckingham guards’ garbs again. Revolutionary, yet never non compliant in regulatory confines when thou art the Bully, nor as AEsculphius or Hyde at said pulpit, whom shan’t repeat the tincture of the dirty waters Charles. There, not a scull since Ike, unto the aqueous turbidity beyond chain link , hath crossed the tenpin lawn ‘cept bound for Quabbin neath I-10 and then, past, to slumber, until thunder, beyond…

Yet, from grasslands south of golden spike; were bovids loaded live, at pommel bound to the lariat’s prize brands, driven, noted, then to rail cars sent; upon pacific line: towards two cities: strips of cloven hooves, with remnants destined packed, and in leather’s rendered scabbards’ wrapped. For born of open spaces, dreams, where wanderers think and spirits seem, midst sight of crag, jorg, bleary scene… yet starlit optic clears the night, with inclined northern star the rite: from tropic north neath Rio Grande, to barrows point… the novel land. Exoduses, sapiens, hosts to specieating sequenced plans, vector specimens, their cargoes, lands, amidst, absorbed, yet somewhere planned?