I.N.(Chi Ro) Void, Voice, Deep, Light, Waters, Firmament, Dome, Basin, Tree (Eternal Life), Tree (Knowing Good-vs-Evil), Star (Day), Star (Night), |||Sapience and Matrimony|||, Satan [caduceal archaeopteryx] Apple, [Imbibing Sequence], Naked, Figs, Dust, Serpent/<<Caduceal?>>/Knowledge(Good/Evil)/@NOT.Eternal Life, Dust, Heel, As Serpent. Desertification, Riparian Constriction, Rise of Pharaoh, Aridity, Rise of Pharaoh, Crop Failure, Rise of Pharaoh, Locusts, Gnats, Blood, Moses, Exodus, Sinai, Moria, Isaac, Ram?, Tablets, (Re:2020AnnoDomini, Lv:11) Oak at Moreh, Jacob, Israel, Census, Burnt Offerings, Hyacinth,

Inn, Manger, 3, Star, East(1), Gold, Incense (Frankenscence/Myrrh)