A Biocarboniferous Age of Life and its Residual Life Energy is Ending Relative to Liquid and Gaseous Phase Biocarbon Energies and to Certain Entropies Those Fuels are Causal to.


1) Quantify Human Comprehensions of the Biometric and Civil Flux and Stasis of Manifold Life System Functions, and Their Definitions, Across Spatial and Temporal Parameters.

2) Consider Solutions to the Imminent Terminus of the Age of the Macroscopic Scalar Utility of Biocarbon and the Contemporaneous Near Total Collapse of the Global Transportation Sector.

3) View the COVID Plague Years as Both a Function of Marxist KGB Asia’s Non-Levitical Agro-Collectivization and Also as Vital Study for Terminal Biocarbon Fuels Depletion.


Life, and in particular human life, possesses individual, reproductive and social dynamism which manipulates and transforms primarily the ecosphere into improved habitat. Often, as human history has progressed, this has been occurring along a continuum of increasing magnitudes, nominal at times of “terraforming” and being of collective impact beyond such.

Variably defined stasis, migration, requisite consumption, and the necessary production of wastes, transform the earth into exhausted, depleted, productive and flourishing locales. This breadth of phenomenon often occurs through competition exclusive of competing species. Said phenomenon are perpetual, thus far, across time and with typified variabilities according to the diversity of species. Certain ones of sapience practice, inhabit and comprehend this paradigm and it’s systematics.

Part I: Dynamism

1) The Continuum of Photons and Biomass

Light energy has accumulated and ascended into the trophic levels of all life on earth, primarily based in herbivory within Kingdom Plantae. Biocarbon fuels biomass is comprised of everything from Cellulosic material, to detritus, to muscle mass from Animalia. The trophic accumulation of all Animalia body mass is initially herbivory built with the energy of sunlight and photosynthesis. Thus, plants, animals, and their fossil energy residues are all conversions of sunlight energy.

2) Evolutionary Biology

Photons amidst a swirling primordial soup of essential elements caused something, perhaps helical in form, with a hydrophilic/hydrophobic barrier surrounding the experimental results. Vacuole then imbibed vacuole and prokaryotic organelles dedicated to specific functions were assimilated into functioning eukaryotic single cell organisms. Multicellular organisms ensued and grew. Natural selection is the survival of the organisms most fit to maintain homeostasis, metabolically sustain themselves, and produce offspring.

3) Migration and Energy

Speciation occurs when populations confront changing environments, either due to externalities, changes internal to their biomes, or due to migratory factors of their own behavior and dispersal. Trophic nourishment by sunlight or it’s derivatives within the plant and animal kingdoms, plays a primary role in factors of fecundity and mortality. The residual aspect of the light energy life form continuum is mostly recycled back into the environment by other life forms for future uptake; primarily by plants. Occasionally, over geological time, the death and decay of organisms has been encapsulated by sedimentary materials which transform into an overburden of sedimentary rock and superficial subsequent life. Reservoir bedrock may be igneous or metamorphic.

Part II: Quantification

1) Proximal Ideations

Spatial and temporal variables relative to proximity in distance and travel times, of people and populations to and from what they need and want to consume, have changed during the age of bio carbon fuels.

2) Enumerating Scale and Populations

The dreaded term “excessive populations” certainly corresponds to the primary debate of the twentieth century. Initially “solved” by WWII, the Cold War question of what would or would not empower global populations of people at the very least succeeded in building two differing societal paradigms with very different infrastructures.

3) Populations, Sustenance Inputs, Waste Output

At the least there should be mention of the realities of advancing science in the relative context of the USA/USSR societal paradigms competition since 1950. An exemplary fact might be the success of clean water and clean air legislation and the US EPA. By comparison, in China, the CCP “universal proletariat” has succeeded in destroying their “petty bourgeois” superiors; and any “red party worker” can pollute the way any other worker might pollute, with no rank over any worker being achieved by such as a chemical engineering PhD.

4) Additional Commentary on Fuels and Electrical Systems

Relative to infrastructure, energy as chemical potential is nearly always superior to any form of transmission or storage.

5) Proofs of Future Scenarios Across Geological Time

In that immediate use of energy makes, or has tended to make, combustion into the most desirable if not the only possible source of at least the entire civilian and most public transportation fuels; consolidated reservoirs of liquid bio carboniferous fuels have been the focal point of terraforming activity for over half a century since the 1956 Superhighway and Defense Act. Similar post WWII agrisocialist paradigm implantation occurred with The Great Leap Forward. 40 million Chinese were killed. Now CPEC seems both road and pipeline to a publicly traded natural resource entering world markets from within Iraqi substrate.

Part III: Transformative Evidentiary Factors

1) North Africa

2) Christ, North, West.

3) The US Civil War

4) Domestic and Global Unionist Expansion

5) Czolgostz, Trust, Corporate.

6) East of Axial

7) Biocarboniferous Fuels and Systems

8) Competitive Model Societal Paradigms

9) Wahhabism Towards Finite Liquid Phase

9) Entropy of Life Systems and Virology

Part IV: Variable Phenomenon

1) Change

2) The Variable Nature of the Flux

3) Scalar Bioscience

Part V: Human Sapience

1) From Eden

2) Backwards

3) Forwards


1) Terminus of the Oil Age within Christ’s Epoch

2) Solution Scenarios

3) Solution’s Absence

3) Outcomes

4) Electric Fantasy or Coal Liquification

Notes on the Author’s Psychiatric History:

1) Pre-Mortem

2) Post-Mortem

3) Decades Alone