Hispano Mozarabic Rite. Roman Catholic Missal p. 837

Parallels between theology and science exist.

At alpha, at the definitions of the beginning…

From the formation of matter, through ages of geological tectonics, into the cellular and multicellular evolution of life, and as anthropology first breathed sapience, then into recapitulation of the individuals at the limitrophs of Kingdoms and Orders proceeding, eventually did populations of organisms increase in number and trample into dust an expanse.

Aridity increased. Then, the desertification of Northern Africa sent a flood of competing organisms including those of the one* sapience away from the gathering dust and into the diminishing riparian limnology of the Nile.

Arising amidst the population influx of people and sometimes invasive biotics; an exponential increase of resource scarcity created stressors upon agronomy and the society’s systematics and governing paradigm. Law became oppressive and violent as the carrying capacity of the land was exceeded. Certain invasive biotic species and additional species borne by migrational vector hosts became as infestation plagues of gnats and locusts.

From the constricting sands and dying croplands did Moses secure the release of the sapience from this pharaonic state within the failing ecology of the once verdant yet now swirling dust.

First wilderness and commandments.

Map of patriarchs; censors pronounce agronomical law of Leviticus as scrolls of geospatial significance adhere to patriarchal definitions of place.

Second Wilderness:

The Herod Question of the Abrahamic texts within the Bible and Quran: 23 Years in Sinai Wilderness towards Egypt until “A Prophet is not Welcome in his Hometown” or Jesus’s Prophecy of Ahmad denotes the significance of the Star in the East?