The Year Was 1862

Three primary pieces of legislation: Pacific Rail Act, Morrill Land Grant University Act and the Homestead Act. The Civil war had begun earlier. The Southern states absence from the voting process enabled the supersedence of the federal plan. Scale has been the legacy of these acts. Rail and mobility, Southward and Westward from a Union centered in New York, Boston, Hartford, Springfield, Lowell and Biddeford eventually continued with the conquest of Spain. Yet, with domestic pastoralism vanquished for a grand example of steel rail (pre superhighway) power which albeit proved correct in defeating the Nazi’s and the Soviets; the Federal USA has swept aside and regionalized into superpower sub locales some of what might otherwise have been scaled at the county or parish level. Considering that “Morrill University” set the educational precedent for American thought to be guided by the stipulation that “competent professionals” be produced by these places of higher education for the express purposes of the “primary industries” of each “particular state” is a truth which leads one to ask what great power controls this grand amalgamation of stipulated competencies definitively prescribed by Morrill to profess different truths in accordance with their particular primary industry precedents and the aforementioned’s history of literally prescribed thought; which has proven to be the preeminently undeniable segregator of tasks for any valued members of local society. Because, people either do, or do not, have the qualifications to be cardiac surgeons or to operate fleets of mechanical harvest systems. While perhaps MA has banished the military along with wool and dairy from much earlier times, and TX has taken up the mantle of strength at arms (at least relative to a primary industry of petroleum), it is undeniable that these prescribed partitions of Mason Dixon sympathies are so deeply antagonistic as to be dangerous, and so pervasive as to bring into question the possibility of national fracture, along a mythically balanced contest between entrenched forces set in the oppositional stalemate of a perpetual near 50-50 split in the vote. It is palpable on any American street. And, it’s nearly entirely a geophysical phenomenon which few see as having specificity within realms of either agronomy or medicine, whilst simultaneously being capable of acknowledging that both food and pharmaceuticals are components of public health. Further thus that evolutionary biology might defend motivations of some people towards each variable “Morrill Zone” professionalism despite the scalar lack or proximal options within educational parameters of primary industry and education in local terms. Populism is seemingly the objective and yet in the context of socratic truths of republican responsibility to provide a secure state to the citizenry, it is troubling that the lines of PhD professionalism are so fervently concealed, at least in so far as that it seems that the citizens should not be so irate at the Orwellian projection which provides little explanation for the absent fulfillment of delusions based upon knowledge of the entirety of the USA which correspondingly somehow remain extraneous to non primary industry minded people.