I will here defend my science fiction as being ethical in that it is a means to an end. Most scientists would agree that by challenging reality; a postulation eventually gains credence and legitimacy relative to the discernment of validity within the corollary hypothesis. Fiction simply breeds a metamorphosis of sorts into the postulation whereby some premise known to few is warped into the dominant theme of a storyline destined for some variant of definitive fictional untruth. Admittedly requisite forewarning of the fact that the actual truth is about to be bent seems sufficiently honesty so as to maintain my license to utilize real words, vocabulary, and scientific examples amidst the fiction; despite the openly stated falsification of some aspects of a storyline trajectory towards the fantastical conclusion which is then and there about to occur amidst your otherwise factual and verified beliefs. Therefore, when stated, the untruth of a fictional thesis or antithesis in turn tends to establish foundational grounds for an unspoken actual thesis/antithesis which is then very valid, although perhaps unseen at the time of the spatial and temporal context of the fictional ideation existing within the literary work and, I postulate, simultaneously within the unwritten and as yet unimagined true/false scenario which dwells beyond the boundaries of the concocted imaginary. You will want the truth.

My primary Science Fiction story relates to a sort of siege of mainland china by a CIA KGB alliance where the KGB Bear was the hound to the horses in the CIA Northeast and Southeast Asia theaters of the overall constriction. The Dragon, subsequently trapped in a heartland of Manchu ideation proceeded to die it’s imperial death. Yet, the final dragon Cocoon was evacuated by the CIA through the Republic of Vietnam.

The cocoon, or cocoons, were brought through the South China Sea, past Sri Lanka and around the Subcontinent into a scenario proximal to the origins of the Wahhabi foundational aspects of Saud and then eventually through Syria and on uneventfully to the Northeastern US Seaboard states.