Seat of Self or Soul

Coronal is to Sagittal and Transverse as aspects of Ordinal (y) with elevated Abscissa (x) and (z, (Temporal)), in the planar dimensional space/time. The other photos are examples of much confused ancient and oriental depiction of proximal energy in particular where both East and west have potentially comparable coordinate type systems comprised of mathematics and language. Potential societally conceptualized locale centers of self and soul, in cross cultural comparison; include perhaps hearts, minds, pharaonic Ka, Japanese Chi, Chinese Qi, testes, ovaries, and the balls of the feet. Accupunctural energy pathways and the humors of Hippocrates, prior to modern understanding of blood, bile, lymphatic and neural pathways, vary by culture.

Ordinal (y), Abscissal (x), Temporal (y).
AO Chi Rho, Paschal Tridium.