Sci-fi II

Upon the solar solstice and precisely under the western zodiac Cancer’s (热带癌症) diurnal westward arc, in April of 2023; the limnological systems of the Lancang River were excessively inundated by vernal floodwaters. However, the causal heavy rains were locally perceived as a function of the Chinese lunar zodiac.

Within the local tropical forests, a spirochete apparently spent components of it’s life cycle in bats or jungle bat habitat near and south of the Tropic’s Chinese geospatial position. A component of (the corresponding) spirochete parisitism vector “host”’s life cycle sequence transferred through the biome into a biometrically viable cohabitant rat species. Simultaneously, and initially unnoticed, was yet another species present within the comparatively “harmless” parasitic spirochete. The novel viral species was presumed to be from bats that rodentia had consumed upon dying and falling to cave floors, or which had been present within cave or jungle detritus.

The virus lacked morphogenetic properties pathological to the DNA of local sapiens populations who consumed the small mammals.

Yet, viral secretions were found to be therapeutically psychotropic in sapiens by approximately 2027. It is believed that rats within Pacific Rim container freight systems reached California container freight ports and Camp Pendleton in around 2025 and that the rodentia-spirochete-viral excretion pathway of the psychotropic became aerosolized by 2026.

Cancer Shown as Dashes