Sapience Limitrophe Propagules

From Eden to Egypt: initiated as perhaps a pyschological or psychiatric limitrophe of a sapience condition’s origin; and from that delineation thence progressing; (having been capacitated at the abstraction of the limitrophe metaphor’s propagules), there became a population or island biogeographic divergence from propagules (A,E) into a future of propagation as [the/one of several] new sapient species. Was this a speciation? Was it induced by some entity or sequence? What was previous to the propagules? Where did the progeny of these propagules go?

This progression continuum was linear with time along an aspect vector north and then east of the pre propagule “Lucy Anthropology” origin in the heart of Africa, with here this being a postulation of a pre desertification aspect of human origins from south of the desertification. The context of an origin of sapience and perhaps this being a speciation at the propagules is postulated within ideations of evolution to have been initiated or changed at Eden, and by an entity. The variable of sapience whence capacitated was then struck by desertification after some propagation. As the herein genetic terms metaphors Adam and Eve were capacitated with the sapience; these the Adam and Eve propagules at the postulated breathing in of said sapience and/or upon the eating of the apple from a serpent, then experienced the dust of desertification and a resultant migratory pressure into the remaining verdancy of the Nile riparian zone as inundations of north Africa diminished over time. Such aridity gave rise to the Pharonic state before overtaking it. Plague and famine ensued as the biometric carrying capacity of, in particular, the Nile riverine limnology’s arable lands constricted and fractured – subsequent to the the entire wetland ecological collapse of North Africa. Initially the flood plains of the Nile (Basin) were dedicated to cultivation of sustenance for the populace(s) facing the calamity of a famine then being at the terminus of the entire desertification of the northern aspect of the continent of Africa. Then the sands overtook the arable lands within the riparian basin locale.