It all at times seems to lead to the terror of the term “schizophrenia” and thus I typically can not publicly answer questions nor make assertions regarding my condition and behaviors. I’ve learned in Psychology that my reparative emotive objective, through treatment protocols, is obstructed from vantage mine perhaps by my personal social complex of terminological terror; this, my gravitas of that which I insist articulable, oratory, polysyllabic, grammatical and syntactic complexity imprinted on minds like hockey mask archetypes imprinted on youth by a Michael Meyers film. Causal aspects of my disorder and therein being my healing’s primary obstacle are: the loss of all of my contexts and of much feeling for my surroundings. Here then profoundly isolated, yet in my here cloister secured, I pursue a path and methodology for achieving the vital sustenance of soul. Psychiatry meetings are a mind meld symbiosis of my thirty year continuum of descriptive efficacy functions; and of their comparative said definitive efficacies, and counter indications, as modulated by my psychiatrist, friend, mentor, fellow Hartford, Connecticut American, and his colleagues from Yale Medicine. Recently, I have strongly alluded, to these aforementioned doctors, amongst colleagues of my neurologist, to that I seek a loving hug from her. And, that in said pursuit of this therapeutic; as I still might someday reiterate neath sublimation and conditioning to have been the impetus of me, being love starved, thus then to have been subject to the concoction of my purported condition and to certain aspects of the resultant prescription. Therefore, I’ve been arguing to validate my further accrual of neurological information and imagery related to my brain and it’s functions, as well as to the “malformation”, and the “excessive prefrontal synaptic activity”; which has been obtained by previous resonance inductions into my pharmacotherapy scenario of cranial flesh and bone; then presented to her for clinical assessment. Here, ideation emoted more in pertinence to our hearts than minds need be medical.