Primatological Lynching’s Epicenter

Comparative alpha, beta and gamma monkey primatological behavioral psychology relative to canid behaviors in wolf packs-

Reproduction strategy amidst the hormonal cerebrations of the postulated Linnael monkey/canid paradigm pertain perhaps to a here neither true nor false postulation of Quing dynasty eunuch rituals with their subordinations.

Alphas monkeys are, when within temporal biological hierarchies, eventually supplanted by beta monkeys in social systems within Animalia: yet vital alphas often are capable of parry.

The beta monkey seeks to kill alpha monkey and his progeny, in a sort of genetic purge, while efforts to disrupt the genetic sequence are then capacitated by the impregnating of the alpha female monkey.

Gamma monkey may succeed in incidences where alpha monkey and beta monkey in some death struggle do destroy each other.

The Dynastic Quing eunuch is the vanquished alpha or the failed usurper beta.

Don’t push the lynch pin around any more. Social psychology proceeds from the leader.