Biodiversity’s reduction to the base trophic levels of organized life forms; being proximal to entomological, virological, eukaryotic, and prokaryotic beginnings which exist beneath the evolutionary achievements of apical speciations; seems a recapitulatory reversion… antithetical to evolutionary progress. Perhaps this now occurring fracture of ecology’s biometrics will make humanity unviable upon a dead planet. Yet, terminal depletion of fossil biocarboniferous fuels may destroy our international transportation sector’s logistical capacity to distribute food and medicines globally; prior to the postulated death of “Mother Earth”.

Providential Caduceus

The common theme amidst this Greek symbolism, perhaps, is a herpetological to ornithological pathway into flight. Archaeopteryx; the avian tree serpent?

Archaeopteryx Caduceus

Entropy and chaos are perhaps the most optimal words for describing the causal factors in current extinction rates; the highest since the Pleistocene Cretaceous era. A “bio-era and terminus” vocabulary’s development is requisite for denoting a specifically organic biocarboniferous fuels driven epoch’s initiation of a theorized impending terminus to life; at least to the diversity of biotic life which evolved since unnoticed and unrecorded proximal climate data changed no outcome for previous life forms. In purely anthropometric assessment of the gravitas of the current rate of death and disappearance of species and their genetics; the question seems: is there any validity to theory related to a requisite “web of life” insofar as the continued viability of sapiens is concerned?

Do Hominidaes sapiens need earth’s ecosphere for sustenance via agronomy and limnology?

Is substrate organic biocarbon fuels depletion a concern pertaining to a possible global transportation sector failure?

Will diminishment of proven carboniferous reserves threaten humanity via logistical failures of commodities distribution prior to the postulated subsequent death of the ecosphere; because these utile fuels and their reactant bulk, at terraformed magnitudes, are impacting atmospheric and oceanic chemistry?

Which will happen first; ecosphere death or catastrophic transportation sector failure?

Will we exhaust biofuels amidst a resultant sequential scarcity, famine and strife; or kill the biosphere and the viability of sapiens via biofuel utilization, exhaustion and waste creation?

Does the theorized terminal aspect of the biodiversity within “the biocarbon epoch’s” entropic chaos scenario equate to a magnified dismantlement of evolutionary achievement and trophic energy accumulation pathways? Similarly, do indigenous hierarchical structures of species and their interrelationships, within their biometric contexts, demonstrate that failure of a “web of life” would then cause humanity to be unviable?