1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act.

Standard USA rail gauge width is 4’ 8.5”. The book “Empire Express” mentions cottonwoods as being an inferior local source of rail tie material for the Carnegie Steel rails of the ‘62 Pacific Rail Act line. Yet, the rail system was built to move materiel. So, as the regionalism of Morrill ‘62 began to both alter and create a continental system of resource allocation, even the ‘62 Homestead Act failed in standing fast to it’s rectangular coordinate 140 acre county, quadrangle, parish paradigm.

Scalar aspects of the parish and congregational levels of sufficiency were supplanted by the federalization; in the North, South and West.

Amidst the unionist application of federation; standardized rail exemplified it’s premise of compatibilities, inter region logistical methodologies, and the land acquisition premises aligned with the vacating of France from the US Interior and coast of Massachusetts including Fort Knox, ‘12. Additionally, the colonial era premise of the Monroe Doctrine eventually expanded (as predicted by Lincoln, Douglas) the federalist global defense theorem of a unionist dominance basis as being the chosen method of fending off Imperial European powers.

The three Union Era fronts were 1) the confederacy 2) Indian land west of the Union; designated farmland by the Lewis expedition upon the Missouri, that upon completion of the expeditionary resource reconnoiter deemed requisite the extirpation of indigenous peoples, and 3) the conquest of Imperial Spain with the annexation of all Spanish global territories. Conquest of Spain was undeniably politically justified using the colonial era Monroe Doctrine.

Then, Leon Czolgosz’s assassination of President William McKinley elevated the Spanish Campaign “Rough Rider” Vice President Theodore Roosevelt to the US Presidency. Simultaneously, with that anarchistic and Marxist theory beginning to formulate beneath the development of fascist ideations and contemporaneous to the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II; the events of September 1901 were transitional.

The three front unionist era’s conquest of Spain and her territories was thence made secondary to a new focus for the United States of America; upon the axis powers of Europe. And, although FDR’s nationwide scrap drive mechanization and mobilization of the USA would wait until WWII; and then, Eisenhower’s 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act would subsequently require that Boomers mechanize to move earth upon their return stateside resultant of President Truman first ending WWII with Fat Man, Little Boy, and the then imposed USAAF diplomatic stance against Germany. This, the aforementioned superstructure of our previously Federalized USA was nonetheless still to face a Sino-Soviet alliance which would exile, execute and starve to death approximately 100,000,000 Eurasian souls; via the applied Marxist methodology for achieving a proletariat utopia; which was attempted across Eurasia during the red scourge perpetrated by the USSR and CCP among others. This occurred as the Marshal Plan’s attempted reunification of Germany struggled, purges of the masses filled Siberian gulags, and famine followed the agricultural socialization violence of the CCP’s Great Leap Forward.


Pointedly, here, agronomical, industrial, transportation sector, and housing designs and systematics can all be seen as having a basis in the comparative paradigms initiated or accelerated in part by the axial occurrence. It might be said, however, that the previous 1860’s US impetus to federalize was compelled by the War and Peace of the more globally mighty European Imperial Powers. Leviticus 11 and Christendom are foundational to the agricultural basis of this comparative northern hemisphere societal design. The entirety of this historic continuum can be said to have been predicated by the advance of the USA’s interior frontier, upon completion of any Franco hemispheric hegemony in agronomy.

Previously, the Anglican “Act of Supremacy, 1534” initiated the Puritanical migratory occurrence of persons inclusive of women and children into the northeastern aspect of today’s USA. France and Spain sent priests and soldiers.