STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC has been a Connecticut L.L.C. since a 1998 instigation led S. A. Flynn to pursue security of person, papers and effects pertaining to beliefs and modes of expression then not being acknowledged by the Morrill Act Universities at Clemson and Amherst.

Ideations at strigsci are typified as being fact or fiction where possible and yet in challenging conceptualized limitrophes between premises and also their adherents; STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC L.L.C. postulates a scalar gradient across, here metaphorically, the transcendence of linear borders in space, time, and belief by some real or imagined vector border transgression perpendicular to any such purportedly real delineation as postulated to exist in our USA between red and blue political mantras.

STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC L.L.C. Utilizes as a methodology for free press publication of the beliefs presented herein.