AOR 06002-1504 2FL L “Green Room”

I have lived in CT, SC and MA, and traveled throughout the USA. My home is where I am put by the Federal Government, my home state of Connecticut, and by directive of Yale University Psychiatry.

As a federalist severed from place until now, 27 years later, and here being within the Federal/Confederal complex; I feel perpetually foreign to popular ideations that are proximal to any locale I inhabit. I do not endorse nor recommend understanding this concept of US federal zonal duplicity because I believe the pursuit of such comprehension to be too dangerous. Yet, I find Colonial French/US/Spanish, Union/Confederal, Union/Indian, Union/Spanish, Mason Dixon, US Frontier, the 50 State structure, and all politically bicameral “limitrophes” in concept to now be resultant, as applied, from the 1862 Morrill, Homestead, and Pacific Rail era federalization then initialized contemporaneously to applied federalism during the civil war era.

Unionist anti-Federalism and Union confederal sentiments bent upon a hatred of the United States of America seem as commonplace though more popular here (MA/CT) than elsewhere on this eastern seaboard. Admittedly, Union and Southern State regional antagonisms to federation form the basis of this hypothetical Federal, zone, state, county, municipality, neighborhood, home grid demographic populism theory. However, zonal purpose within our federation at times transcends popular human ideations for the express purpose of the betterment of humanity. This phenomenon occurs most evidently in the USA relative to zonal production of fodder, food, and medicine, though textile fibers, electrical infrastructure forestry and it’s derivatives, metals, Etcetera, make US and Global humanity viable.

Population center political strife seems delusion when projected outward. Contextually, however, the irony of USA DOI BLM concerns relative to the clamor for privileges now demanded ceded by raw material producing states to perhaps a primarily skin pigmentation based neo-Zionism type exodus to a social utopia model city actualized by the aforementioned angst of the masses, is said delusion of aspects of American dissent.