Bread: (2:1) ingredients: 2 parts white, wheat, dark rye, quinoa flour and/or cornmeal; and 1 part water. Approximately 2 tbsp. ea. of yeast and a glucosic sugar, honey, nectar or syrup. Seeds, grains, herbs, nuts, berries. Lipids inhibit leavening. 1) Activate yeast and sugar mixture in some water on stove top at between 100° and 110°F until mixture foams to twice it’s initial volume, making sure the yeast mixture temperature remains significantly below 140°F. 2) Mix activated yeast mixture with the 2:1 flour and water quantities, until desired consistency of dough is achieved. 3) Add seeds, grains, herbs, nuts, berries. 4) Place dough mixture to an approximate 2/3 depth of an oiled pan, or upon an oiled oven safe cooking surface for Brûlée, French rolls, Biscuits, Etcetera. 5) Allow significant time for leavening prior to baking, and consider additional in oven leavening beneath the aforementioned 140° temperature where the yeast will die and cease to metabolize the glucosic ingredients. Initial low temperature oven warming may help leavening and/or over dry the bread. 6) Bake at 350°, during which time loaves may be moistened, oiled, seasoned and or scored. 7) Test for temperature and appropriate interior moisture with a probe thermometer and remove the bread from the oven when it appears toasty brown. 8) traditional pan short loaves can later be sliced and baked a second time at 200° for biscotti.

Soda Bread: (2:1) 2 parts white, wheat, dark rye, or quinoa flour, and/or cornmeal, and 1 part buttermilk. Two tsp. baking soda as reactant in buttermilk in place of yeast activation and leavening decreases requisite time. Irish soda bread includes raisins and caraway seeds. Fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds and berries can be components of soda breads and soda muffins.

Unleavened Pasta and Tortilla: (2:1) egg is utilized in the absence of yeast or baking soda leavening agents. Pasta is rolled, cut, and dried or pressed into ravioli, Etcetera. Tortilla, also 2:1 with egg, utilizes a tortilla press prior to frying. Seasonings in pastas and tortilla differ from ingredients in breads and muffins. A mortar and pestle may be found utile.