African Extrapolation

African Rail… North, South… East, West…

February 14 ends the year of the Rat and begins the year of the Ox in the Chinese Zodiac.

I think China wants to make an agronomical and natural resources focused move into Djibouti as soon as the China Pakistani Economic Corridor (CPEC) reaches the Indian Ocean’s warm waters. The Chinese are moving south in a prolonged push through Indochina, circumnavigating Sri Lanka and the Indian Subcontinent. Also, China is the primary player in the CPEC project pushing southwest through the Himalaya and Persian desert; and, the corridor’s roads and pipelines may not be for accessing merely the finite proven reserves of Tigris and Euphrates substrate.

China to the Indian Ocean

It should be said that Afghanistan’s confusing past half century or so of political science lends some notable credence to the complexities of a Talibani Pan-Islamic theorem. Anti Wahhabi history yields both the ironic potential populist consent to an amalgamated Middle East world economic forum and yet also may exacerbate the perils of global marketplace access to substrate reserves of bio carboniferous fuels stock. That’s to say that given the potential of apocalypse, it should be that carboniferous energy be applied to existing sector demand, whereas the optimistic consumer demand of potential powers seems disconnected from a benevolent overseer of finite bio carboniferous fuels and organic polymer “wise use” scenarios.

Supplies, Transportation, Consumers.

I believe that any substantive long term Indo-Sino cooperation moving westward may focus in part at least on liberating their populations from an increasing dependence, based nonetheless upon their preferences, upon the sustaining yolk of US dry bulk foodstuffs supplies. Achievement of their planned obtainment of irrigatable and cultivable lands may occur in sub Saharan Africa given any realities to infrastructural future achievements in roads, pipelines and irrigation networks.

The verdant future of an arable Serengeti at the expense of biometric integrity for wildlife is a concern for some. Causally, it is historically notable that the south central and north central agricultural lands of Russia and China respectively have been problematically inadequate regarding the communist nations’ objectives of sustaining populist superpower. Crossing the Serengeti while building an irrigation rail network to Nigeria and it’s oil is a logical postulation regarding where the current southwestward momentum of the dragon, and tiger; in search of food and energy, may currently be directed.


Self and soul become my philosophical object as I begin a newly approved antipsychotic medication called Caplyta tomorrow.

Amidst a theory of theologically shepherded sociopolitical biometrics and terraformed finite bio carboniferous residual sunlight biomass energy; I see a fracturing ecosphere releasing plagues upon colonized biomes as it is simultaneously absorbing displaced matter and toxins. This is real as the competing implemented infrastructural paradigms of the twentieth century reap their consequences.

Caplyta will be an interesting experiment for me as well as for my physicians. Variables regarding my current and previous thought process and mental capacities relative to both my ailments and their cures abound. My persistent dream has become that I might find the delusions at onset to be facilitated somehow into a coherency and capacity whereby I might unify my theories into an articulable thesis capable of suggesting a genesis of worldly dominion sufficient for the remediation of this past century’s applied world order’s ailments; as a new paradigm of globalism undeniably arrives.

Personally, I seem to expand and contract in my . ideations, though my fear of oblivion has abated. I wonder how quickly I might fade into the ethereal mist of the schism, or if the applied impedance of this new potion might leave me tapping at this plasma transponder Morse key view screen for decades.


There is a Mason Dixon line. There is a Frontier. There are Northern and Southern borders. There are coasts, and there is airspace. There is altitude and there is depth on land and at sea. There are grids, networks, transfer protocols, roads, rails, ports, lines, webs and populations. These are the legal, economic, electrical and geospatial presences and limitrophes defining the entirety of US history. These are concepts that map places, parameters, their bisections and landmarks and are the concentrations and interfaces between fluid ameboid scatter plot depictions defining the cartography which reddens, or concentrates to blue, zonally, and is connected by the micro spindles of matter transfer systematics.

Zone Theory

The vast majority of the citizenry sees these boundaries and their corresponding legality zones as being strictly populist. Even if the logistics of rail and super roads facilitate viable sustenance within the condensed centers of habitation and further that the sustained viability of the population is not subject to populist dissent. And, further, much agronomical basis for this public health construct is, within the finite ecosphere, dependent upon further linkages of life, nutrient, hydrological and photon flow.

So, the populace, and certainly the adherents of communitarian populist theory; are inhabited within these, the limitrophes of a theoretical failure, collapse or privateer confiscation of lands definitive of foundational debates regarding a citizenry with popular birthright to property. The 1862 homestead act’s scalar grid distribution of its self sufficiency paradigm, upon the North American expanse, never came to be actualized. Then, in the wake of the moldboard and oxen ideology forsaken and sold by Bonaparte; a subsequent bio carboniferous fuels facilitated condensing and dispersal duplicity paradigm, consisting of some space time grid and network of humans and materiel, has occurred across the United States of America.

A great power has thence built a pyramidal structural model society for humanity within threats of a desertifying and abandoned wasteland. External to the hominid storage facility infrastructure; only the mile wide steam turbine scythes roam the perimeters of the anthropocentric web enhanced sapiens confinement infrastructure.

The opposing paradigm, east of Brandenburg and to the Sea of Japan, murdered perhaps 100,000,000 souls in efforts to collectivize its ancient masses into agronomical and industrial group facilities ruled by a proletariat Trotskyist ideation. That stated utopian definition is antithetical to any intelligence leadership which would could have had any capacity capable of regulating the chemical and biological jigsaw puzzle of the true post industrial revolution scientific reality.

Unregulated agronomical and industrial HazMat and invasive species threatening food and forest products, and including current zoonotic virological pathogen species now have their own aforementioned cartographic ameboid forms and limitrophes. While dispersal of biologicals typified by entomophily, ornimophily and anemophily are real threats and potentially very problematic to health and economics, they serve as a metaphorical component to understanding island biogeography, species dispersal, and variations in viability of speciations upon dispersal to habitable niches such as proximal mammalian populations.

In conclusion; living variables and populations of those variables, are relative to qualities of place, viability, reproduction, dispersal and sustainability. Also, time is a variable factor. Human population migration has accelerated over time, especially with methodical improvement in transportation sector realities. Comparatively, viral species migration is dependent upon a phylogenetically compatible host species. Yet, the lifecycle of the viral species makes the statistical probability of a viable and sustained speciation more rapid. As all limitrophes of a grand definition of organismic and habitat typification are transcended more and more quickly, an entropic quality of fracture in all life’s biometrics has become a threat.


I’m undeniably some kind of monk. In a psychotropic prison where I can’t explain what I know. This example is my rail spike cross. Some aspect of traversing this North American continent is archetypal for me; hewing available species, and, I’ve read, creosote can be made via the methanol fermentation of detritus. Or, that similarly hewn timbers were steam bent into the futtock guts of ships before Hampton Roads and the Great White Fleet.

I have difficulty explaining my perspectives on natural resources and lost technologies pertaining to real or metaphorical mill migration in the exploited forests contemporaneous to a particular joist hangar, cellulosic element, or ferrous fastener. I tend to believe that I am within a long since cartographically determined consumer population center, with limitrophes made of monetary policy and media’s purported truths. We seem removed from a fantastical world of mile wide steam turbine scythes and rail ports moving the bulk industrial tinkerings of the Pacific rim labor collectivization region, refrigerated Chilean flowers, and occasionally fungal and viral stowaways, which seep through the transportation sector and into my population zone.

Perhaps this age of anthropocentric control of both the living and the dead bio carboniferous matter atop and within the earth’s crust, it’s mechanized harvest and terraformational extraction, and our structured mobility upon the face of the earth, has been of permanent and lasting benefit to humanity. There seems amidst the great constructs of humanity to be a bulwark of sorts; foundational to the continued and enhanced viability of sapiens.

I believe that such prior fact as regionalized famine and strife have been nearly entirely remedied, and that this has occurred primarily by the leadership of the American federalist model established by the Union legislation of 1862. Still, for this author two or three primary problems persist:

1) With the fall of the confederal premise of Richmond; there is nothing no basis for anything other than federal level power with the possible exception of the retail distribution of globally obtained goods.

2) The finite bio carboniferous fuels basis for the entirety of this construct is rapidly being depleted.

3) Eastern Europe and Asia have built a different paradigm opposite the Brandenburg Gate and though the force of its application led to far greater humanitarian disaster; it’s legacy may be future and continued hazmat toxicity and biohazards such as COVID19 which can not be remedied nor undone, and from which no hermeticism can seal these United States.

Agronomy seems the greatest basis of Public Health. The likes of soy foods may sustain the world’s largest populations for decades and more. Yet, comparatively, vegetarian and non levitical omnivorous global population regions may breed malnourishment or zoonoses in the long term within the ancient sacrosanct bovid protein avoidance culture or half century petri collectivization experimental paradigm which was built opposing the fuels dependent western thesis of model society.

Our National limitrophes need to be considered. The common misperception regarding zone to zone limits is that genetic traits other than zoonotic examples are the determining factor, yet, in reality, relative to system load bearing capacity, the issue is far more frequently akin to fecal tonnage per second within urban infrastructure.

Energy in, Substance in, Work done, Critical mass sustained, Growth achieved, Waste generated, Recycling of matter when possible, Toxicity remediated, contained or externalized.

Speciation Virology

How dangerous by percentage of total human mortality are the variable functional outcomes of speciated viral populations with their parallel functional trajectories, relative, comparatively, to the original correlated function of human mortality from an original strain; amidst a total resultant population of viruses of multiple species. And, what variables define rate of speciation amidst the existing definitions of human viral host and host population statuses (the infected)?

COVID22 Fantasy

I ponder whether the initially minor statistical anomaly of a newly fecund British viral speciation: the now emergent Anglican viral species that has propagated itself into a viable pathogenesis with its own increasing population; has drastically altered projected human mortality rates. And, with this new population being within the greater global virus/host virulence variabilities of the original viral species; is this phenomenon of mutagenesis and emergent species viability itself statistically indicative of a total global change in the rate of population growth for COVID19; inclusive of any and all added lethality from speciated populations which also might then predate upon dispersed isolated colonies of Hominids and other host reservoirs within Mammalia and Aves in particular. Then, via an additional zoonoses induced mortality; might this breadth of virulence therefore outpace the inoculation rate set in place against the original species of COVID19 and/or lead to the alteration of hominid mortality projections and their descriptive functions due to the increased biotic bandwidth of the mortifying sequences.

Compass Rosette.

In Process

Here, an automotive primer grey spray paint prepped canvass demonstrates my hypothesized process as it begins. My index card sketch studies of my subject ideation have led to my postulation that speedball superblack ink and then palette knived oils will be my intended methodology for proceeding here and painting a compass rosette abstraction. I am truly a terrible painter, partly due to my disability. Thus, in theory, I consider my method a reverse of Picasso’s cubist school, in pursuit of essential form emerging from an ethereal abyss; not resultant of reductionist methodology proceeding from the initial form towards the essential forms. My canvass will perhaps be illustrative of my thoughts regarding the idea of a scientific emergence of magnetic declination relative to Polaris. To see the unseen via empirical evidence is a component of the scientific method. For me it is the story not only of Picasso but also of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the ghost discussing madness appearing to be North by Northwest, as is the case with geomagnetic declination off Polaris.

Automotive Primer on Canvass

My second step on this New Year’s Day 2021 is the initial application of ink to the spray painted canvass.

Initial Superblack Ink
Compass Rosette in Superblack Ink
Initial Oils


I believe that the blitzkrieg of a Slavic Gaul variable was a westward front which became impermanent to a slower roll into all of Eurasia. It is as though German intelligence, across about 40 years, misjudged the war’s comparative fuels supplies in the Atlantic theater. Then; retreated for 75 years.


Here, this theoretical expansion of the spatial and temporal aspects -of this entity variable- appear pertinent because Marxist theory then proceeded to surpass the CIA to the north of the CIA’s Afghani Central Asian hypolimnion; flowing red through Siberia and being then the KGB intelligence factor which metamorphosized into the Sino CCP in the rear of it’s comrade: Zen Japan.

With certain definitive aspects being like Frankish and Gaulish limitrophes across time; the perimeters of this aforementioned Slavic Gaulish variable, turning east into the Sinovian territory, certainly took hold after the Marshall plan. The borderland of German theory psych ops proceeded to march its intelligence, within the red pamphlet, clear across Eurasia to the Sea of Japan; killing perhaps as many as 200,000,000 souls in the gulags and during the Great Leap Forward. This intelligence migration had occurred for the most part by the time of US involvement in Vietnam.

Blitzkrieg is also contemporaneous to a migratory Zionist exodus demographic, apparently along some parallel with Wahhabi redefinition of Islam in anthropocentric terms that facilitated bio carboniferous fuels extraction policies.

Europe and the Mid East?

Talibani pan-Islamic ideations opposed to the Wahhabi Saud state which fueled the USAAF’s defeat of the Luftwaffe’s fuels basis in Ruhr extraction for liquification seem disconnected from the KGB; yet, Afghanistan is certainly a hypolimnion to the Red Seas now converging through CPEC.


Everything is a process of fading into archetype. Every compendium of one’s life can be preserved in a synopsis if given a defense. Refinement of thesis thinking makes the entireties of decades condense. This can be decades studying ages, epochs, eras, periods and beyond. Time might have the additional variable of space. A love recently helped me say UT SEQUENS LINGUA FRANCA. That we might speak as one. Perhaps I will now say UT SEQUENS OMNI LINGUA. Because, after all, everything is carved in stone.


Paradigm Adherence’s Price.

The strangest aspect of it was that by virtue of my obedience to compulsion I in fact succeeded too greatly in approaching the olympics. Thus, in doing as commanded it became unbelievable to all that I would step away from my ox heart’s task in my effort to escape the UMass false thesis of love. Yet, additionally, there is nothing in the wilderness other than potential.

Admittedly my brain injury, unbeknownst to all, inclusive of myself, was causal of my being abused. I could not have wanted other than University! Blessings to all my cruel and uncaring compatriots. When there is only one greatness… individual, forgotten town, state structured tasks, the globally dominant federation; then what of other than that prescription? And, from whence this omniscient script?

In retrospect I feel the diagnosis of an irreversible, incurable and degenerative brain disease was harsh, despite the fact that I now understand completely that I was maimed by a navy veteran in 1994. Thus, my compulsory service has been a duplicitous combination of a selective service obligation to the 1862 Morrill Act state systematics. Then; to an articulation of Confederal Connecticut in the context of the “void relative to place” under the Morrill Act regionalism specificities: curing an exodus of healthy youth.


And, therefore, reclusiveness has become my behavior despite suffering and confusion being initially identified as a fear or paranoia. There is something about being an externality to your zone. It is as though the pervasive television mantras truly induce a murderous opposition between a universal dichotomy of prescribed arguments of affirmation and negation binary team mentalities. What can knowledge do other than conceal itself and hide. Kill Red! Kill Blue! As you can see, my brain injury makes me terrified of antagonized countrymen with bayonets and amputation saws.

Somehow I learned much in college. A cartographic perspective of the earth and the earthen, including water, vegetation and rock. Yale psychiatry treatment has been my unaccredited federal masters and PhD in Union expansion the likes of the Trapdoor Springfield Saint sequence.

I began with with the Pacific Rail Act’s 1862 contemporaneousness to Morrill and Homestead and with the subsequent expansion of that rail then the Eisenhower era road infrastructure. Such study has taught me to see the winning global paradigm for the American oil age of the last 200 years from the negotiated acquisition of the US interior to the restructuring of Wahhabi, Suni, Shi’a Islam. All this has happened in this most recent bicentennial of the epoch of Christ.

I value my conjoined visions of both biometric island biogeographical wildlife virological speciation and mutagenesis and then that of liquid bio carboniferous fuels depletion based transportation sector collapse as they threaten the destruction of human life and vital mobility. I feel I have given my life in service of my country for good reasons.

Yet, on a personal note as an Olympic and academic conscript; I understand if I were compelled to do all of this for you my observers and readers, if there were any. However, I do not understand why I have been given no reward relative to anything I ever requested or asked for during the processes of my various conscriptions. To have done everything I was ever asked and to have “never served” except for as being the eternally negated, denied mind, person and speech of an SSA beneficiary schizoaffective with no wife to live with me for the remaining 40 years of degenerative, incurable and nonterminal disease is a theological type of pain.