Chivalry, Monogamy, Matrimony

True love is very real for me. Injured in heart and mind when just a man nearly thirty years ago I have since suffered for my beliefs. A fervent adherent to, and believer in, these United States of America, within Christendom, I now know that external to our strength and power, and often leaching inward, are the destructive and destabilizing reductionist political sciences which have as their theoretical object the indecent vanquishing of dignity in particular as it would otherwise lead to the elevation of women, chivalrously, towards matrimonial bonds foundational of class structure; those being our evolutionary traditionalism amidst Christ’s interpretation of the Abrahamic, and this being the high holy method of ascendancy vital to the elevation of matrimony’s recapitulatory creation into duties and causal functioning relative to our mission for salvation.