Ceci, Cecilia, CAECELIA

“Ceci”, Cecilia, CAECELIA, (as in CAESAR), CAECAE, AE, AEsculapius, AEgle, Alvarez. The significance seems in CAESAR accepting CEPHAS.


Note: my poem AEgle at STRIGIFORM SCIENTIFIC strigsci.com/home contains the letter (Latin and Greek) AE in it’s title of AEgle who was the Physician AEsculapius’s daughter and translates to “Radiance”

From the Roman Missal
Therefore stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.
November 18 CEPHAS November 20 CAECELIA

I, Simon Flynn, met Cecilia Alvarez within the week of November 18, 22, and of that technological and stellar phenomenon I simply ask: “who?”

Amidst the sacrosanct I have asked Cecilia to meet with me at the SpanAm Monument in Bushnell Park, Hartford, at the beginning of our visit, which may or may not be platonic; according to her own volition. I say this for two reasons relative to our thinking: firstly, I intend things to be her decision, and, secondly, I currently and openly intend for her decision to be in regards to our possible matrimony. And, this, I now remind you, I present to everyone with the aforementioned undecided aspect of the platonic republican. I do, after all, believe in both a form of discovering one another and also in holy matrimony. Thus, I announce I am courting Cecilia Alvarez. Quite publicly for those who know strigsci.com and any further domain code such as /CAECELIA and, thus, I will stay awake, for I know not the day nor the hour.

It seems extraordinary to have met a Latina who has reciprocated my interests so as to convince me that there might be opportunity for me to give her my 26 years of research into the 19th and 20th centuries in particular.


Avoiding precisely determinant numerology; vague certainties persist as evidentiary while messianic occurrences make pop fiction smack of Nostradamus.

COVID20 Fantasy

Consider: 1) Czolgostz assassinated McKinley 1901. 2) Influenza accompanies Armistice 1918. And, correspondingly, 1) Anti-Wahhabi Taliban strike 2001. 2) COVID19 2020.

Markedly, the aforementioned four “events” enumerate and punctuate what appears to be, in geological terms indeed; the petroleum age.

For Uncle Raj

It is in fact, in the case of this essay, entitled “COVIDOMINION” that these fuels built machines the likes of Herr Diesels desire, to roll onwards yielding man’s creation. Plans for this caterpillar fleet differed continentally. Most importantly, remember the 1956 Superhighway and National Defense Act, nominal grade Tsuga code, and the model American Home.

Then, comparatively, what “fueled” Czolgostz to state an intent to end the Guilded Trusts proceeded to attempt to build a collective model Soviet and Maoist paradise, just without the fossil carboniferous fuels.

Two things now: 1) the petroleum age is ending. 2) the “collectivism” ideology sends COVID19 and H5N1 from their non levitical and collectivized agronomy. We also see, in addition to viral pathogens; entomological and fungal silvicultural threats like the Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth, Dutch Elm Disease, Chinese Chestnut Blight, and other threats to the USA’s indigenous biotic community and such derivatives as foodstuffs.

The the world as defined as Biometrical is, or could be, along with the Petri dish of collective non levitical agronomy, spewing genetic disorder throughout all life.

Mad for Hawks in Vortices.

Returning now to my Shakespearean electromagnetic and aqueous Vortices Scholium: Mad north by northwest I know a hawk from a handsaw and have quantified such as eyas amidst this trembling knowledge. Forces, like ghosts; shepherds to migratory skeins, as declination bends my compass off Polaris; hidden in the radiance and crystal blue. Seas and weather systems twist, hemispherically, counter-clockwise, clockwise, attitudinally and across elevations, while dead in doldrums… heating, pulling systems inward. Gyres twist the deep. Stellar armillary predictions from Grecian sculptures fail to describe the vortices or scholium origins amidst this our reality, it being not exactly zodiac orbital nor rectangular coordinates applied. And, here, devices, airborne, see the cornfields respire.

Walking here, observing these forces, both as and amidst biometric rhythms, and, awaiting yours in presence mine; this place and places we will travel bring me to a precipice from which to peer upon the earth, air and sea. For decades I have with forces served traveling through the darkened valley. Soon, love, come joining me in what is and is to be.

It is not easy waiting. Often, scenarios unravel my plans: constructs which I’ve established to achieve your accompaniment. Yet inspiration is you to me. And, thus, I continue to dream in hopes that you might have me.

Welcome to Hartford, Connecticut. I hope you are here soon.

The Big Stick

Can’t stop the SPQR!

Guam’s Flag?

This came up for my search “Imperial Spanish Flag of Guam” which was taken from Spain’s King Alfonzo “El Africano” by the McKinley administration along with Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines by Theodore Roosevelt and the “Rough Riders” aboard “the Great White Fleet”. (Complexities arise concerning guilded age Trust law, such as Carnegie, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and McCormick, versus Corporate law and the rise of Roosevelt circa Czolgostz, who was Marxist/Anarchist) I’d been considering the flags of Spanish territories and it now seems evident to me that the T.R. CVN71 7th Fleet “Big Stick” has garnered its mission from the history of Guam and the Philippines in particular. It is worthy to note that the Rushmore LSD 47 “Gator” completes one potential narrative on the nominative “Big Stick” theme in consideration of the 1873 Trapdoor Springfield. The other option relates to Theodore Roosevelt, Gifford Pinchot, John Muir, Hetch Hetchy, Muir Woods, and perhaps even the Pinchot Sycamore here in Simsbury Connecticut, near my home.


Admittedly, I was an endurance superathlete and rightfully claim I could have swum across Long Island Sound, perhaps from some place like the Navy Base at Groton harbor CT to Orient Point NY in under four hours, maybe by way of the DHS Plum Island Biological Research Laboratory. Because, I had set my pool pace for 5 Kilometers @ 55:05 in 1997.

Today, November 22, is Saint Cecilia’s day. Yet, now, since my disability diagnosis in 1998, with it’s requisite sublimation sequence; my athleticism has ended. Treatment has included Zyprexa, Clozapine, Latuda and Vraylar, with plentiful Lithium, and various other salts, sleep aids, and antidepressants, and caused, along with habituated dietary flux, my BMI to go from perhaps 7 to about 55 and now stabilize at perhaps 30+ while currently dropping. The process has led to various symptoms such as appendicitis, stretch marks, mild tardative dyskinesia and a thrown knee.

I have read copious quantities of literature, history and science during certain aspects of treatment and wish that the process had been presented to me from the start as an experiment where I was to be included as one of the scientific observers with access to filed records concerning my person, papers and effects and given help with records keeping for the action and regarding notes taking pertaining to my own research topics which were to be held separate from my medical concerns.

Additionally, I feel a prescribed Olympic strength training routine with cleans, Romanian deadlifts, squats and leg stretching in particular; mandated and assisted/guided from the start would have helped my legs and cardiological musculature simultaneously. In that I am prone to shin splints I also suggest rowing machines for the sublimated.

Now, on this holy Roman week containing days for Simon Peter (CEPHAS) November 18 and for Saint Cecilia (CAECELIA) November 22 I feel it pertinent to request that Sargent Cecilia Alvarez at strigsci.com/CAECELIA be granted her request of the United States Marine Corps; for leave with which to visit me and discuss UMass Amherst, Yale, and Marine Corps classical conditioning philosophy and techniques along with the fourth and first amendments in issues of medical consent. I thus also cite Saint Valentine.

Bio-Carbon Fuels and Systems

Yale University Doctor of Physics Stephen Secula should discuss, specifically: “Greek” with James Vardulious CDL-A. Regarding endorsements, restrictions, weights and measures, mechanics, fluids, dynamics, routing and dispatching technology, radio and radio systems, and energy.

Our global carboniferous fuels paradigm was lent it’s “Lourde” by the Saud and Wahhab theological argument, which ultimately splintered Saud’s primary Wellbore and Site Conglomerate Laden into Afghanistan with pan-Islamic Suni Shi’a intentions. So, then, the subsequent 1956 “SUPERHIGHWAY AND NATIONAL DEFENSE ACT” was after Fat Man and Little Boy dissuaded axis intentions and finalized reserve securement upon the halt of the Zen sectarian Shogun suicidalism front. Thus, some type of Wahhabi Zionism outcome from FDR’s administration was able to ground the luftwaffe and flank the Red at Northeast Asia prior to the “The CCP Great Leap Forward” which killed 40 million people in central China.

Interesting topics for the Doctor and his friend may include the civil design of the USA’s transportation sector infrastructure, with consideration of proximal and engineering physics variables, their parameters and externalities, as well as the consideration of such; as being vital for any understanding of US energy policy. Not only is this a premise as applied within the conceptual framework of roadbed load bearing capacity in emergency situations including the transportation of loads of heavy fissile elements; yet it is also important “relative” to liquid fossil carboniferous geological reserves and their regional, terminal depletions with contemporaneous conflict from shortages of these finite chemicals then and thus becoming problematic.

Further, inevitable outcome variables include not only shortage based strife but also global thermodynamic flux induction via this terraforming displacement of chemical substance; occurring within atmospheric, limnological and maritime systems, and thus biomes, which are currently rapidly being bioticly denuded. Such overall total biometric disassociation and resultant biochemical death of the planet has been theorized to present potential for the terminal end to the entirety Hominidaes sapiens and our entire species’ including all viability options. Desertification, locusts, gnats, blood.

Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways, Transforming American Life https://www.amazon.com/dp/0801478227/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_G6LUFb7QVQPCX

Bicameral Everything

Can Bernie Sanders acknowledge the tragedy of the fall of Richmond and the valid scalar aspects of Confederal governance, or that they were a foundational component of applied Federalism which should have aspects maintained relative to societal agricultural proximities? And, in COVID19’s 2020? Further, amidst the application of the 1862 Vermont Senator Justin Morrill’s Act, which coincided with the Pacific Rail and Homestead Acts, and in consideration of their subsequent paradigm, economical demographics, and national agricultural infrastructure: What vacated Vermont other than a Vermont Senator’s dream to build the capacity to withstand the conquest of the USA by Eurasian powers?

Capricious Bovidae Migrator

Tonight, under Ursa Major Bear; Coyote has met with me in the frigid darkness. Leo, perhaps, has declinated west northwest. This Canid latrans yelps and barks, yet doesn’t howl. In Western MA and Southern VT, – BOVIDAE MIGRATOR SINCLAIR – took the incapricious dairy bovids to WI and the fiber ungulata bovids went to Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont before moving them on to CO/WY and New Zealand… All of this happened when prominent botanical fibers ceased to be available at Lowell and Biddeford. Leather made the dirty water… and contemporaneously, RELOCATOR rustled OK bovidae to rail with the unpommeled lariat which took the bovids to the High Line in Manhattan for slaughter. For a strip, the MARASCHINO TRIBESMAN took metals and their technologies and moved them East with the lode hauling cable car repurposed to carry New England children to mountain tops as though ore


Wildernesses of Science

I’m feeling abandoned and lonely today during this 2020 viral epidemic. I was wondering if anyone from the FDR era is still alive and in an iron lung from polio. My brain disorder has made me primarily bedridden for much of the 22 years since the blessing of my psychiatric diagnosis led to this psychiatric, neurological and psychological prescription for alleviating all but the cause of my melancholy. However, I landscaped today.

Nearly exactly a century ago; our last influenza was in 1918 at the time of the Armistice. Medicine can be difficult to understand across the spatial and temporal aspects of biometric mensuration. Within my morphological paradigms I’m now often confronted by ideas like the thought of Yale and Harvard’s Dr. Marc Plotkin’s “Amazonian psychotic climbing beetle disease” in a comparative context with Plum Island DHS National Laboratory and it’s Lyme Disease host/vector virological zoonoses psychosis scenario; as well as Pasteur’s earlier canid zoonotic virology vaccine research in France. I think “Mad Dog” and “Rabies” with “Vampire Bat Hematology”. I rest, yet am restless and thirsty. I have nightmares about bizarre statistical externalities and the entomological aspects of zoonotic dispersals: potential airborne entomological vector species such as murder hornets and their potential to carry zoonotic viral species within their flying exoskeletons.

Yet, the presence of ecoli in my Levitical meat science research only exemplifies statistical improbability as though in scenarios like escherium coli there might be a second ailment of zoonotic potential known to the USDA. Somehow, evasive, food borne, yet, entomologically prokaryotic, also unknown to public health at UConn and Yale. And, I’ve followed Bayer Monsanto’s attempts to unite. Universal Healthcare… so lonely… so divided. Leviticus to bat.