For twenty years have I lain dormant, by fate to be described, and never had I foreseen might I, I awaken thus. Yester walking, talking, yet not living; absorbing only words. Now, this dawn hath risen dream for me, yet for me to see.

Strigiform Scientific Research

is Cecelia Alvarez.

Please forgive me here at Strigiform Scientific, Sargent Alvarez’s biography is currently in the process of being composed. My contribution to it might be garnered by looking into letters I have written to her.

Strigiform Scientific affairs are in an investigative phase whilst planning what I hope to refer to as SpanAm in this our transcendency; which I as of yet do not comprehend nor have authority to stipulate definitively. Accordingly, concerns related to ideation publicized at are currently sensitive and being classified at the discretion of a military command structure. This web entity termed after Order: Strigiform to thus be Strigiform Scientific, an L.L.C., State of Connecticut Company. and to have initially been Strigiform Research Corporation (Susan Biecewicz Sec. of State, 2001 administration) is now a Limited Liability Company under Connecticut General State Statutes. I, Simon Flynn, as executive director for Strigiform Scientific, can be reached for site content concerns and regarding planned activities at

*the diphthong AE is the latin as in AEsculapius and his daughter AEgle.