Cold War Energy

Saud’s allegiance was won by FDR with Wahhab, then Truman and Eisenhower had oil and Fir. Comparatively, the Soviets must’ve had to nuclearize before they should have in order to attempt their modern communal collective cities without the relative quantities of oil. The thing is that the Taliban was connected (arguably inversely) to Soviet interest in a warm weather port for their now abandoned nuclear navy. Then Osama broke with Saud over impurities and western influence on Suni Islam and devised the 9/11 attacks as a Jihadic attempt to create a pan Islamic state which would unite Suni and Shi’a against the US retaliation to terror. In global terms of modern industrial and transportation sector temporality; applied to geological reserves thus removed from geological timeframes; the USA is succeeding in the sequential pre-depletion exploitation of carboniferous energy sources as alternative energy replacements are achieved. In fact, US anthracitic and bituminous reserves of solid phase carboniferous fuels have been held in reserve in the USA according to this temporal strategy for its utile application since liquification patent disputes contributed to WWII. It is notable that the Soviets did not have the equivalent to the National superhighway and national defense act of 1956, that Soviet 1950’s nuclear cities have failed, and that Maoist agricultural collectivism is causal to COVID19. It is true that global civilization needs better energy sources, yet also true that civil and mechanical aspects of existing systems are exponentially gigantic and in place.