Experimental Meatballs

An experiment for the purposes of making quantitative proportional and hedonistic assessment of meatball recipe ingredient types and their ratios, and of each particular resultant product.

The Italian Soufflé

1) The experimentation’s baking phase will occur in oiled soufflé dishes on a baking tray.

2) The rules for an Italian meatball have always basically begun with mixed ground meats at a approximate ratio of 2-1-1 parts beef, pork and veal.

3) Breadcrumbs, cheeses, egg and spices are then added to the mix of ground meats to achieve proper consistency, cohesion, and for the additional flavor added by the cheeses and spices.

4) Always debated are the chop on the garlic and basil. Chef and sous chef must debate this. Additionally, other potential alternate ingredients having similar concerns in this experiment, yet which the chef somehow will not consider, include: mushrooms or truffles of various types, black olives, anchovy, capers, onion, chive, scallion, etcetera.

3) The oven is always set to 350°F. Meat thermometers need to be seen as a tool for approximating doneness, especially with mixed ground meats. A final oven test should be done with a fork.

An optimal short term meat thermometer.

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