What is a psychotropicly indoctrinated inferior and subordinate of the United States military?

Strigiform Scientific

Why would the Navy psychotropicly teach a civilian that they were beneath and subordinate to the military, and cause a resultant $15 million dollar psychiatric pharmacology procedure to be required across a twenty six year timeframe?

Public Health Psychiatry Thesis:

Crop duster delivery systems, civil limnological potability infrastructure and also civil and vehicular/container HVAC as pertaining to public health psychiatry regarding solute/aerosol phase pharmacological tonnage distribution, as well as powders and residues in mass; and this therefore having corresponding MHz range video radiotelephone syndication or workplace music licensure and copywriting corporate law and electrical engineering concerns regionally and as a vector sequence topography of delivery points dispersed from the original point sources?


Rail and container freight entomological hematology, herbivory and virology of statistically fecund host reproductive populations in transfer realities of variably viable and unviable invasive species populations in bovine, porcine and poultry herd and flock health encephalopathy cases where zoonoses or toxicity into H, sapiens may occur in multiple vector borne virology mutagenesis and virological excretion toxicity scenarios in the field or in the human and nonhuman anthropocentric food supply?

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