USN Chief H. A. T. and Matt:

He hates it when I tell the story, but, I’d been pouring over voluminous tomes on modern Eurasian nations for about a decade, whenever I wasn’t watching Dustin and David, when my primarily unused apple desktop beeped for the first time. I’d never used Facebook before back in 2017 and had had difficulty with grave tedium at UMass until 1997. My classical conditioning from attending lecture after lecture and reading all day without email or internet was even exacerbated by my death trance swim team training whence I ultimately achieved a 30th USA distance freestyle ranking and, notably, was capable of swimming a 5K in 55:05. Yet, mentally ill I kept not a single friend from Clemson or UMass. I knew few professors. I proceeded to read after my 1998 diagnosis, though in a more focused state of mind. You need to understand that I was poisoned in 1994, diagnosed in 1998, and then that it was 19 years later in 2017 that Chief Harold Andrew Tower called as my prescriptions were changed and I reached chapter 21 of Fenby’s Modern China. I reported my studies to Andrew for a while and we recalled childhood twenty or thirty years before. Our relationship is thus reminiscent of the book of Matthew for me. Andrew’s boat is called Sea Walker. I’m Simon. I can’t walk on water.

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