Seeing Through my Schism, I, Point of Origin, Within my Vantage of Flux.

Ugh! Nearly bedridden for twenty years within some contextual prescription of new schizoaffective disorder medication therapies, waiting, told degenerative, incurable and yet said somehow stable. Thus, I haven’t disassociated into multiple people yet, though computer aided communications pertaining to my thesises throw pages of web outward. I am a legion. Still, it’s apparent that despite command of my fantastic theorems here I am thought unapproachable. I need you. I need to concentrate with you as I break and fade into the shadows of truths unverifiable by my superior doctors, into shadows of lore and places been and seen, so often in books lost, stolen, illegal. I have a wild geospatial fantasy from the oasis shores of Tripoli to Dune like desert worlds warping into weigh stations for the crude blood of nations. Earthen substrate cracks and heaves beneath landscapes of novel steel as petrified flora is displaced through mechanical systems sector entireties which first crack and distill the rotten ancient earth molecularly and disperse it with vehicular mechanics into the ambient chemistry of a certain limnological, marine and atmospheric solution; with its fluid dynamics falling into chaos. I feel this mad vision of a resonant electromagnetic psychotropsis frequencies dataset paradigm dancing forth from mind across a determinable range of expansive terrain at altitude, depth and speed. Somehow, in a nonlinear three dimensional geomagnetic grid, plus time as vector mine, my ethereal surroundings coordinate around the point that is I, I with dead reckoning trained beyond my organ capabilities. A phantom point of origin to the breadth of my intention. Sing! Sing to me my love! Yet, slow, smooth, heavy and eternal my progress. Still, I see frontiers. In dimensions of physical space and malleable time, faith transcending, populations, code, sequencing, beliefs and thoughts migrating, damaging, and building, sustaining. We leave the history we have grown and builtmore upon earth, our might the prophetic dominion. Onward to the externalizations to be brought into this our fold; onward to stasis to look within at matters unknown, structurally, fundamentally, eternally our being, our purpose. Forever, Amen.

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